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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  October 23, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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sz. >> [ yelling]. >> well giants fans are used to torture but there was no pain in the rain tonight. good evening everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. what a great night. we have live team
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coverage of the giants win and nick smith with fans at at&t park. john is terrainy street party in the mission district and rick is with the players tonight. >> all right let's start it off with mike here in the studio. >> boy, what a night. this run to the world series may even more magical than the first time back in 2010. giants busted open in the 3rd inning. bases loaded. no outs. single to left center. the score. comes around from second. buster scores from first. 6 nothing. the bases loaded 5 times in the inning. 11 times came to bat. villain of the series holiday fly out to the man he injured series mvp marco to end the game. let the celebration begin. giants going to the world series. 9 nothing game 7 victory. abc 7 news sports reporter rick kwan is live at at&t park and rick the celebration still going on.
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>> yes. the fans are still out here celebrating. latest edition of the chronicle. giants win the pennant. it was a wet and wild kind of night as giants celebrated both on rain soaked field and in their clubhouse. >> i was able to be and help my team. this is great feeling. put ourselves in a nasty spot but about when you get in that spot really only one which to get out and lay it on the line. guys can that. it worked out. >> a lot of people stepping up. we have had a ton of people ton of unsung hear 0and tonight happened to be our night. great game our way. >> i am just happy. >> my cameraman got a little taste of the champagne in the celebration on to the world series. game 1.
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wednesday tonight right back here at at&t park against the detroit tigers. this is rick kwan reporting live from at&t park. back to you. >> thanks rick. coming up later in sports complete highlights and clubhouse and why our giants are going to the world series. >> unbelievable. very excitin exciting. >> thanks. well just incredible night for the fans and celebration continue right now. >> especially at the ballpark. where the rain is no match for the orange and black tonight. that's where nick smith is live for us. hi nick. >> what rain? came down in buckets. i'm here to tell you that right at the end of the game there it came down so heavy it seemed as though everyone was standing in the shower but the san francisco giants fans were not deterred in the least. they were here until the end. they knew that the nlcs had gone to game 7 and they were just happy to be there. now they are preparing to face off against the detroit tigers. >> after huge come back against the defending champion st.
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louis cardinals, the san francisco giants are headed back to the world series. wasn't easy getting here. giants had to complete lopsided rally from a 3-1 deficit. moment that wasn't lost on fans. >> unbelieve afternoon. unbelievable. unbelievable. [ yelling] you see this? another one. for san francisc francisco. l. >> the heart of the rain fell louder the fans got. >> not at all. i wasn't leaving for no rain. no rain slowing us down. [ whistle]. >> until it was mostly clear game 7 was over. >> we did it. >>reporter: soaked. screamin screaming. caught up in the moment. they dance. sang and remind everyone who is no. 1. >> san francisco giants are no. 1. we are no. 1. >>reporter: tigers and giants meat for the first time in the
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post season and if anyone in this crowd is worried about it, they sure didn't show it. >> same thing. good pitching hitting and a lot of heart. the giants got. >> and the fans. >>reporter: now one fan told me this isn't rain, nick. this is celebration champagne. just watered down. got it. well any way, the san francisco giants will welcome the detroit tigers here on wednesday for game one of the world series. one thing i have to let you know before i let you go. i did a little check on ebay to check on ticket price. i found someone is selling 2 tickets for the world series for game 1 first row field box on ebay 4 4100 dollars. >> wow! all right. thanks nick very much. nick report snooing we just saw the rain is certainly not dampening the fans. >> sandy is here with the latest on radar. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd at one point
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during the 9th inning rain coming down. it was pouring as we look right now take you in closer here. we have some light to moderate rape coming down right now in the north ba bay. we are going to zoom in tighter here and i'll show you where it is coming down moderately to even heavy. arnold drive old adobe drive and sonoma and as we pull away lakeville highway getting moderate rainfall. east bay it's lighter right around brentwood, hayward, rainfall total take a look for yourself santa rosa over an inch, mountain tamalpiais more than 2 and a half inches. san francisco, 61 hundredths, half inch in oakland and under two-tenths of an inch livermor livermore, san jose. grab umbrella heading out the door you will need them. some areas see showers during the morning commute and don't wash the car just yet. we are far from through with this wet weather. back with a detailed look in a few minutes. >> okay thanks so much. >> wet weather probably kept some fans if pouring in the street but like this home run in the 8th inning the partying
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was out of the ballpark. >> we flew over the mission district where giants fans are out celebrating tonight big victory. not minding the rain at all. police are also hitting the streets to make sure things are still peaceful out there. >> john is in the mission for us tonight. how is it going there? >>reporter: well, the weather is dray new but earlier the sell writings was like a pool party. everybody was getting soaked here in the mission district. and that included the license of police officers in riot helmet blocking mission street at 22nd forcing cars off of the south bound lane. this video here 40's about 9:45 tonight. it was certainly a party atmosphere. right in the middle of the downpour with fans lining mission, blowing horns, banging drums and generally clogging traffic which got thicker and thicker as the night went on. loud and crazy. but we didn't see any people causing trouble while l we were there. jaws lot of fans savoring the moment. >> no. 1. black and orange. >> exciting. beautiful. we are excited. well do it. here
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we come. we'll do it go all the way. go big or go home. l. >>reporter: and this was the scene at the bus stop on 81 street just as the giants made the final out. excitement was building all night. even with the belief the fans wanted to get it over with. few were afraid the game might be called on account of the rain. of course it didn't and happy fans headed out into the downpour. right now it is quiet. in the mission. not heard any reports of any arrests or trouble here in the mission. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> okay john thanks so much. celebration is not just in san francisco. look at the pictures. fans in san jose also thrilled to see their team make it to the world series. packed the square market to watch the giants win tonight. >> game 1 and 2 of the world
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series will be wednesday and thursday at 5:07:00 p.m. here in town at at&t park. games 3 and 4 are scheduled for saturday and sunday evening in detroit. best of 7 series. games 5, 6 and 7 not a sure thing at this point. advance tickets are sold out but standing room only tickets start at about 400 dollars on start at about 400 dollars on sub hub about moving on. mitt romney turned the tables on tonight debate. focus was supposed to be foreign policy but the republican challenger kept bringing up the economy all night. >> political reporter mark matthews here with some of the highlights of this october surprise. >> after pushing the president on libya and iran and syria tonight mitt romney failed to show much difference between himself and the president on those issues. instead he turned the debate back to jobs. first surprise of the night? mitt romney bringing up osama bin laden before the president. >> i congratulate him on taking
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out osama bin laden and going after the leadership in al qaeda. >>reporter: he said what america needs is leadership but when challenged to say what he would do differently, he deferred. >> would you go beyond what the administration would do like for example would you put in no fly zone over syria. >> i don't want to have our military involved in syria. i don't think there's necessity to put our military in syria. >> what you just heard governor romney said is he doesn't have different ideas. and that's because we are doing exactly what we should be doing. >>reporter: but romney was doing was dismantling the president effort to panty him as reckless and wrong. >> i want to see peace. i want to see growing peace in this country. it's our objective. >>reporter: romney objective? move the debate from foreign policy to the economy. >> the president said by now we would be at 5.4 percent unemployment. we are 9 million jobs short of that. >>reporter: romney strategy was to look presidential and keep the focus on the issue
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that voters care about most. >> we can't expect entrepreneur and businesses large and small to take their life savings or their company money and invest in america if they think we are headed to the road to greece. >> president obama went after romney after ever opportunity. >> if we had taken the your advice about our auto industry we would be buying cars from china instead of selling cars to china. >> attacking me is not talking about an agenda 8. romney gave the pat answer more than once. it did not stop the attacks. >> governor romney i'm glad that you recognize that al qaeda is a threat. because few months ago when were you asked what is the biggest geo-political threat facing america you said russia. not al qaeda. you said russia. 1980's are now hauling arizona foreign policy back because the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> well that was one of the better lick the president got in tonight. i'm going to give him the win but not by very much on whether it will move the poll not expected to be more than a point. interestin
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interesting. >> see tomorrow. thank you very much. >> it was once again an active night on social media. twitter reporting 6 and half million tweet during the debate. 7.2 million tweet in last week debate. among the most tweeted topic tonight, we all love teachers. actually comment made by moderator bob. now there was a sharp spike after this one. >> mention the navy. we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. well governor we also have fewer horses and bayonet. >> horses and bayonet. quickly became a hot topic. 3 twitter accounts pound along with tumble account and web site all before the end of the debate. >> well there is less than an hour now left for those who want to register to vote in the november 6 election. first time this year eligible voters can register on line but the deadline is midnight b.50 minutes from now go to our web site and click on see it on tv and we'll walk you through the process. >> first big storm of the season still being felt tonigh tonight. up next, storm watch.
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what it is like in the sierra right now. thinking of heading that way. >> las vegas casino heist with no guns and no threats. how this guy made off with more than 1 million dollars in casino chips. >> and take a look at this surveillance video showing a surveillance video showing a molotov cocktail
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>> man is in custody tonight for beating an elderly woman nearly to death in san francisco. it happened saturday afternoon at stockton and sacramento street in china town. witnesses say the 94-year-old woman was walking along the street when a man came up behind her and started punching her in the head. the woman fell and struck her head on the pavement. witness who did not want to be identified said the man is a nuisance who frequently hangs out in the area. >> i turn around and i saw the guy who i always saw him. all the time. he look and say i will kill you. i will kill you. and the tourist is scared. >> doctors say the woman injuries are life threatening but her condition is improving.
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at 11 tonight. authorities trying to figure out the identity of female whose body washed up on a beach in san mateo county. body was found half mile south of the beach entrance here. couple spotted it late today. called 911. san mateo county sheriff's department says the if he mail was fully clothed wearing jeans black boots red top with pink brace on her teeth >> police in southern california say man who was set on fire appears to be a victim in all of this. with no connection. you are looking at video from last friday outside long beach market. victim is sitting on the ground on the left-hand side of the screen. man walk up tosses a mug to have kong tail sets him on fir fire. victim in the hospital in critical but stable condition with serious burns. there noise evidence the suspect and the victim know one another. well new at 11. las vegas police have zero in on man suspected of stealing 1.6 million dollars in casino chip chips. they believe he walked
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into the casino on october 10. got into a closed area where he pried open a chip container. unlikely he will be able to redeem the high value chips. >> tomorrow apple is expected to make its biggest product announcement since revealing the i-pad. apple is expected to unveil a smaller less expensive tablet the invitation only announcement set for 10:00 a.m. in san jose. now david louie will be live tweeting the event as it hamas. follow him on twitter at abc 7 david. back to the weather now. rain coming down in union city this is what it looks like in the parking lot of the union landing shopping center just short time ago. >> now rain here means you guessed it snow in the sierra. chains required on 80 and 50. number of ski resorts even considering opening this weekend. >> at least 2 tornadoes touched down near sacramento. sandy is tracking this storm for us and looking like more wet weather.
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>> absolutely. we are looking at incredible pictures there. tornadoes pretty rare around this time of year over there so they did see those. couple of tornadoes being reported there. right now as we look at live doppler 7 hd. no tornadoes in the bay area but certainly still watching the rain. take you a little bit closer here and i loop this the last 3 hours. notice the lightning strike moving through just northwest of healdsburg. putting in an isolated thunderstorm possibility as the moisture is still very unstable at this point. we take you down street level in the north bay. napa road we get some rainfall right now. rate around the sonoma area. moderate rainfall around highway 12. pan around i show you the sierra nevada chain control on all routes leading to the lake tahoe area. here's time lapse of the way it looked this afternoon. snow was just piling up. resorts reporting anywhere from about 2 to 14 inches of snow so far and counting. winter storm warning is going for the sierra nevada.
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scattered showers here in the bay area tonight. isolated thunderstorm a possibility and more showers in the forecast for tuesday and wedneay. here's front that brought the heavy rain this morning. made for a nightmare of a commute. behind it we still have all the scattered unstable air and that's going to bring scattered showers the next two days. so here's the timing of it all. we have the showers right now at 11:00 p.m. we take you into 5:00 a.m. notice very scattered in nature so do carry umbrella if heading out the door. first thing in the morning get a nice lull or break in the action most of the afternoon early evening and tomorrow night next batch of moisture here's how much rain we expect up until 11:00 p.m. tuesday. quarter tore half inch north bay mountains. quarter north bay peninsula. east bay tenth to half inch same thing for the south bay and santa cruz mountains. this doesn't include the rain for wednesday. sierra nevada under winter storm warning until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. expecting 1 to 5
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additional inches above 4000 feet with the gusty winds. 6 to 11 inches at the higher elevation. this is definitely a taste of winter. early for the sierra nevada. tomorrow morning temperatures in the 50's. it will be breezy. grab your rain coat. bundle up as you head out the door. it is slick in spots. and tomorrow afternoon temperatures will be in a narrow range low to mid 60's. partly cloudy. breezy for the afternoon. getting the little break that i'm talking about. and for the world series as san francisco giants play the detroit tigers it's going to be breezy. don't worry partly cloudy. 60 degrees at 5:07 at 8:30. 56 degrees so it should dry in and out time for the big game. accu-weather 7 day forecast few showers in the morning. more by nighttime 10 or 11 okay. scattered showers for your wednesday then dry it out a little bit warmer thursday friday. saturday as well. then on sunday we bring in a slight chance of showers to the north bay. better possibility of seeing rain across the entire bay area on monday.
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mike will be here first thing in the morning with any weather updates and following live doppler 7 hd. >> thank you. >> coming up next. san activist are listening to whales and they think the whales are listening to people whales are listening to people as
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. >> you heard the old saying monkey see monkey do. >> this whale was recorded mimicking human voices.
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>> he's singing. researchers at the mammal foundation in san diego recorded the spontaneous sounds of captive male beluga whale. >> scientist think the whale in close proximity allowed him to listen and imitate human speech or bad singing as the case may. >> i think he sang go giants g go. >> sound like a giants fan tonight. all right. what a night it was. at&t park. spectacular run for the giants. throughout this post season. come from behind at every play off series. to advance to the second world series in the last three years. highlights cheap clubhouse champagne for c[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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[ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> how about this is giants? well they jumped on cardinals early and often creating a concussion on for matt cape and giants headed to the second world series in three years. 9 nothing victory over st. louis. san francisco giants have never won game 7 or the world series. top 2 1 nothing giants. cardinals with runners on second and third. kyle lined it. he gets up. great grab to end tomorrow threat of the game. bottom 2. solid on the mound and plate. base hit scores from second. 2 nothing giants. lasted only 2 innings. giants busted open in th


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